Better business through advanced technology

When passion and experience drive innovation, you get transformative change for your business.

Better business through advanced technology

When passion and experience drive innovation, you get transformative change for your business.


Our purpose is to lead passionate and compassionate people in developing kick-ass creative solutions to real-world problems for those organizations that have shared values – we are fueled by a People AND Planet AND Profit approach to business.


Our expertise is in enabling and supporting digital transformation by seamlessly connecting business through advanced Secure Networks – anything, anywhere, anytime – from IoT devices to the boardroom, commercial to industrial.


Our years of technical and industry expertise in advanced technology and utilizing a design-driven approach ensures innovative results that really work. We envision what is possible, design what is needed, build what works, and optimize the run.


Security threats are very real and increasing. Are you comfortable that your business infrastructure is designed to mitigate attacks from within and outside your company?

Our specialists design and build enterprise secure network solutions that extend from industrial environments to the boardroom, from head office to remote sites, from IoT devices and mobile users to datacenters and into the cloud.

Managed Support

Designing and building your technical environment is just the beginning. Wirefire provides managed support services to keep your environment operational and optimized to meet your business demands. We leverage our expertise in engineering and in our ITSM ServiceNow practice – truly end to end service.

ServiceNow (KPMG)

Wirefire is extremely proud to announce that KPMG LLP, Canada, has purchased our ServiceNow practice (Wirefire Creative Inc). All the members of our ServiceNow practice and active client projects transition over to KPMG effective February 21st.

Please follow this link to the KPMG ServiceNow services page and press release.

Good People doing Good Work for Good Companies

We’re more than a technology consulting firm – we believe in using our extensive experience to build better businesses and contribute to a better world in everything we do. We’re passionate about people, the planet and having a purpose that is beyond simply making a profit.

Wirefire is dedicated to operating at the highest standards, work/life balance and with ethical and sustainable practices. Our values come to life in how we work as a team, how we work with our clients and how we contribute to our community and the world at large.

Wirefire is proud to be a B Corp certified company, see our profile here.


Our goal is to make every client a reference, we’re building a network of good people and good partners, so it makes sense that our approach starts with hiring the best people. Our people marry compassion, with the technical skills, experience, and creativity to execute on innovative solutions. Not just experience, but the right experience: we’ve assembled trusted, seasoned consultants, with experience on big projects, with enterprise clients at a global scale. We strive to understand your core business, well beyond IT, to ensure that the Secure Network solutions we design and build provide real value to your business.

Finally, we have developed a successful methodology, WireD, that allows our teams to excel at taking you from idea to solution.

We envision what is possible.

Strategy and Architecture.

We design what is needed.

Engineered Technical and Business Solutions.

We build what works.

Deep Technical Expertise, Project Managers, Change Management.

We optimize the run.

High-value ops and emergency RedOPS support.