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Wirefire is an experienced and passionate team working with advanced technologies to help companies with purpose achieve better business results through technology.


We believe that we can do something significant and meaningful and have a positive impact on our customers, and the world at large.

We endeavor to be an elite technical solutions firm with a global reputation and reach, contributing to a better world in everything we do. Sounds grandiose but we are well on our way as we build a remarkable community of talented passionate people to deliver creative solutions to real-world problems, for and with those companies that share our values.

The Wirefire team brings a powerful combination of being smart and compassionate, allowing us to work together with our customers to create “better business through advanced technology”.

That means a better world socially and environmentally and projects that overperform. We empower our people to challenge and question, be curious, with the goal to ensure that our services are aligned and of the highest value, in fact go beyond what was expected.

Good People

Our proven success as a technical service provider is based on the talented, smart, passionate and compassionate people that make up our team. We provide our people with the skills and support to succeed in their personal and professional endeavours, and compensate them fairly. We work with clients that respect our people, their own people and the communities in which they operate, in both a professional and ethical fashion.

Good Work

We focus on projects that align with our areas of expertise, and our experienced team is built to rise to the challenge of using leading edge technologies that challenge our consultants and expand our capabilities. We work with methodologies that ensure the high-quality solutions for our clients and we provide outstanding plans, designs, and documentation of solutions we build and support.

Good Companies

We work with world-class leaders who engage in ethical and sustainable practices with respect to the planet, their people and communities in which they work. We leverage technology to reduce the environmental footprint of Wirefire and our clients and to ensure a safe operating environment for workers and communities. We encourage clients, where we can, to improve their triple bottom line by considering people, the planet and profits all as measures of success.

Our Team

Our success as a technical solutions provider will depend on bringing together talented, smart, passionate and compassionate people. We provide a work environment that is rewarding and attractive for those who seek to join the Wirefire journey.

We invest in our people, and we provide the flexibility and support for them to pursue their interests – inside and outside of Wirefire. We value work/life balance, provide a flexible and fun work environment with a focus on team-based collaboration working with advanced technologies to deliver the most innovative consulting solutions for large enterprise and global clients. When we hire, relevant expertise and experience is essential, but cultural fit, energy and ability to innovate are more important.

We’re building a kick-ass team of experienced and fun loving people who are highly ethical, in both their work and personal life, so that every customer is a reference.

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Leadership Team

Craig Chomat, CEO

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Alon Zvi Goldberg, CTO

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David Wood, President