The industry is shifting fast to embrace cloud based delivery of business and consumer solutions to enterprise customers. A secure network infrastructure is more critical than ever to ensure that you can keep pace and adapt while protecting against the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.

Wirefire’s architects and engineers robust end to end secure networks to support your commercial and industrial business needs. We specialize in Global Networks, Secure Minesite Network Infrastructures, Secure Cloud Connectivity, Digital Workplace, and Cybersecurity Prevention

Secure Network

A secure network is the critical foundation on which the rest of the IT environment and solutions relies on to support the business activities and to mitigate cybersecurity threats … if you get this wrong then everything else is at risk.

We take a holistic approach to engineering an enterprise secure network for wired and wireless connectivity that includes all endpoints (industrial, office, mobile environments) to all datacenter services including on-prem, hybrid and cloud-based environments (Saas, IaaS, PaaS).

Secure Industrial

Assessing the technology and security needs of an operating mining company is no small feat; addressing them is even harder.
We could say we understand the technology and security problems facing the mining industry, but what you really want to hear is we’ve solved them before. And we have.

Naming some of the world’s largest mining companies as recurring clients, find out what we’ve done for some of the world’s largest gold, silver, copper producers.

Wirefire Secure Minesite Solutions from mine face to head office.

Secure Cloud Connectivity

The industry buzz around cloud adoption is at a peak frenzy with companies scrambling to move to cloud services from providers like Amazon and Microsoft. The only problem is they don’t have all the answers to meet the needs of a company. They are missing critical pieces of the puzzle – the ability to provide secure connectivity to/from/between all the SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and onPrem application environments.

In order to really consume cloud services effectively one needs to address network resiliency and security, Identity and Access Management and Data recovery between all of environments including third party SaaS vendors.

This is what we do… we don’t migrate applications but we help ensure that you have a strong secure cloud connectivity platform to support your adoption as/when you need it.


Cyberattacks are common place in the connected world, with risks greater than ever. We will assist in designing your secure network to ensure that the environment not only protects against potential threats through preventative measures but also establish detective measures through management and monitoring tools and processes.

The first step is to understand your exposure and key vulnerabilities. We have a fast track security assessment to help you quickly gauge this to determine the best approach to mitigate your risks.