The Secure Cloud Connectivity Platform

Cloud is the shorthand description for an IT infrastructure environment that is quickly becoming standard. It is a combination of externally and internally sourced infrastructure and services that allow organizations to become agiler and spend less time building traditional datacenter server and storage infrastructure.

Regardless of which combination of cloud service providers you choose, secure cloud connectivity is essential to your business.

At Wirefire, we provide the designs and technology needed to support your hybrid cloud and on-prem application environments, including:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Security Connectivity
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Secure Data Management


Each pillar forms the technological foundation for the secure consumption of all new services, from IaaS and PaaS environments to SaaS applications.

Network Connectivity

Connectivity between your all business locations, mobile users, IoT devices, on-prem datacenters and cloud environments (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) requires a robust infrastructure including: wide area connectivity (MPLS, Internet, SD WAN, SD Access, Internet, satellite, microwave), edge network connections for all location types and SDDC (software defined datacenter).

Security Adherence

Adopting and migrating to a hybrid cloud architecture involves a new approach to end to end security in order to ensure your data can be protected. As your environment expands to include multiple SaaS applications (O365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, …) and custom workloads are migrated from on-prem datacenters to cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, …) a zero-trust security model should be considered to secure applications, data and access. Security technologies to support the environment include NGFW (virtual cloud and onprem, IPS/IDS, Endpoint protection for servers and mobility, SEIM, and SecOps.

Identity and Access Management

IAM requirements can be complicated in a diverse hybrid cloud environment. Providing user access to a multitude of application and cloud environments necessary to run your business needs to be assessed carefully and architected to minimize the risk of security breaches. Identity workflow is required to manage a person’s identity from onboarding to offboarding and their life in between as a trusted user. Key technologies to consider: Federated Access – ADFS, LDAP, Authorizations/Authentications (MFA), and Identity Workflow capabilities to name a few.

Secure Data Management

You are definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore when it comes to managing your business data in hybrid environment – sprinkled across the cloud and onprem datacenters. Providing secure backup and archive of critical business data spanning onprem databases and between cloud platforms provides unique challenges – particularly when it comes to cybersecurity threats (such as ransomware). Then you throw into the mix business and audit requirements to provide a disaster recovery plan if the event of lost data, application databases, or a complete datacenters. The data management vendors and cloud platform providers have solutions that can ease the pain but require careful consideration and design to ensure your data is managed securely. An enterprise wide solution are varied depending on your end to end hybrid environment including technologies such as: Commvault and Veaam

Cloud Adoption Approach

Built on decades of experience and research from technology industry analysts, Wirefire has developed a proven methodology that will help your business rapidly adopt any cloud technology while maintaining the standards, safety and security required by IT.

Fast Track Cloud Adoption Assessment

Maturity Evaluation Package:

This simplified high-level service will run your business through the Wirefire Maturity Model to identify gaps between your business’s current state and a predetermined maturity state.

Decision Framework Package:

This simplified service collects your business’s key application metrics and compares them with target cloud platforms. Based on the results, we provide high-level recommendations on how to re-architect the application.

After each FastTrack assessment you will have a clear understanding of your environment, essential points for remediation and how rapid adoption of innovative technologies will occur.

Deep Dive Secure Cloud Connectivity Assessment

Our deep dive, hands-on SCC assessment service evaluates the posture of your business’s four main technical components:

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Network
  • Security
  • Data Protection

Deep Dive Cloud Adoption Assessment

This deep dive service builds upon both FastTrack engagements with a hands-on assessment of your business’s application and infrastructure environments. Based on the findings, we will create two detailed design readiness reports:

  • SCC – Design Readiness & Remediation Report
  • Migration – Design Readiness Report