Secure Industrial

Wirefire’s Secure Industrial solutions converge IT and OT into a zero-trust security model, using advanced technologies that span from the IoT devices to the head office boardroom, thousands of miles away. Your security goal should be simple – stop data breaches from external and internal attacks, period.

We have proven engineered designs for the IT and OT industrial technical infrastructures that:

  • Enable seamless mobility across a mine site for workers and equipment
  • Secure IoT device deployments
  • Provide resilient shared services for IT and OT industrial applications
  • Remote site connectivity into difficult locations


Robust and versatile, our designs can be easily adapted to any industrial facility.

Our strategies can help establish a cost effective, zero trust security model. You’ll have seamless mobility across the site and confidence that network security is hardened against attacks.

The Wirefire Engineered Approach

We don’t start with a blank drawing board when designing a customer’s secure industrial infrastructure. Our approach is a quick launch Envision phase that walks you through our conceptual (zero trust model) and logical master designs. We will establish the overall framework, specific goals and strategies, cost estimates, and the security principles that your IT-OT environment must achieve.

We bring a comprehensive set of Logical Master Design documents for mine site IT-OT infrastructure including: IT Networks, OT Networks, IT-OT DMZ, Site Wireless, Remote Access, Shared Services, Site Datacenters, IT-OT Backup/Recovery, IT-OT Management Systems, IT-OT Security Detection/Monitoring, Structured Physical Layer.


Brown Field

For an operating industrial site we perform an “as is” site assessment to document in detail the IT and OT infrastructure, site demographics, and organizational or governance issues.

Our design engineers combine the Logical Master Design with the assessments to develop a detailed set of “to be” physical site design documents for all systems in scope, with detailed cost estimates and implementation plans.

Implementing a new, secure environment demands precision coordination to minimize operational impacts at an operating industrial site. That’s where our seasoned technical Project Managers come in. They will ensure a smooth transition at the site with our Technicians and Engineers working alongside your staff.

Green Field

Similar to a brown field, but easier! We will work with your EPCM to ensure that the IT and OT infrastructure are fully included in the overall project design. This way, there are no surprises once construction is underway. From site-wide fibreoptic design (including underground mines) right through to high availability datacentres that ensure your OT systems provide 7×24 operations and site connectivity (WAN) for difficult locations.

IT – OT Security Assessments

The convergence of IT and OT technologies allows for a shared infrastructure model in some cases. However, it can also open the OT environment to security challenges introduced through the IT Network. Wirefire tackles this challenge with our Network Security Assessment and Audit from corporate to mine operations.

Our risk assessments are based on the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls and can include network vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and reviews of incident response and disaster recovery plans.

Site Operations Transitional Support

Once we build out a secure industrial environment, our team will provide hypercare support to shake out any issues that may arise while your team comes up to speed on the new technology, processes and responsibilities. Our services include as-built documentation, operational manuals for services implemented, and training of IT-OT support staff on new services.

Network Infrastructure

Remote site connectivity can be challenging at the best of times for various industrial locations. At Wirefire, we apply our design expertise to provide cost-effective connectivity solutions.

Wirefire has extensive expertise and real-world experience in providing industrial connectivity infrastructure to support all IT and OT application requirements. Our engineers will ensure your network is secure from the edge and WAN, through the campus backbone, access networks, and wireless connectivity.

A key step in upgrading or implementing a site level network is to harden and standardize the network, ensuring proper management and minimizing cybersecurity threats.

We specialize and work with the following network technologies:

Cisco, Meraki and HP.

Security Infrastructure

Security doesn’t stop at the perimeter firewall. It must be baked into the DNA of the complete infrastructure and every device that connects to it. We base our logical design on a zero-trust model that embodies the best practices for OT (ICS) and IT security. Wirefire security designs include edge/perimeter protection with NGFWs (north-south) and IT/OT NGFW DMZ (east-west ), secure remote access for IT and OT, identity management systems (digital and physical), and endpoint protection.

We specialize and work with the following security technologies:

Cisco NGFW, Palo Alto NGFW, Cisco ISE, Fortinet, Cylance, CyberArk, and Microsoft.

Industrial Datacenters

As the shift to the cloud accelerates, there are still use cases that demand a hybrid solution and dedicated datacenters – for example, remote minesites are one of those. We design and implement services for dual shared datacentres (mobile) to support IT/OT recovery, resiliency and responsiveness requirements. In addition, we implement shared services between IT/OT environments to minimize technology and standardize processes where possible. We have deep expertise in developing disaster recovery plans to meet the service levels required by the business.

We specialize and work with the following datacentre technologies:

Commvault, VMWare, Cisco UCS, and Nimble.

IT-OT Management

The ability to effectively support the IT/OT environment onsite or remotely is critical to the ongoing management of your business. We have extensive expertise in designing and implementing best practices (ITIL) to ensure the environment meets your business expectations. From onsite monitoring of one mine, to a global network of mines, we can help you establish a robust support environment – for your team, as a supplement your team, or by providing end-to-end support for organizations that run light on IT/OT support.

We specialize in the following management platforms:

Solarwinds, Palo Alto Panorama, and ServiceNow.

Industrial and Corporate Unified Communications

Communicating seamlessly within a site or to and from head office is essential to running a successful business.

Wirefire will design and implement your global unified communications ecosystem that allows for full collaboration, including video and voice communication. UC supports corporate safety goals, including critical emergency communications, and facilitates real-time collaboration. Think executives in the boardroom discussing and viewing ore deposits in realtime with an engineer 3 kilometres underground. From VOIP to ROIP, to collaboration with video and chats, our designs will address your most critical needs.

We work with the following communication technologies:

Cisco Call Manager-Spark-Jabber, Microsoft, and Motorola.