Secure Network

In today’s fast-paced world, a secure network infrastructure is more critical than ever to ensure your business can keep pace and adapt while protecting against ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. Wirefire’s experienced architects and engineers build robust end-to-end secure networks to support your commercial and industrial business needs. We specialize in cloud-based delivery of business and consumer solutions, including Global Networks, Secure Minesite Network Infrastructures, Secure Cloud Connectivity, Digital Workplace, and Cybersecurity Prevention.

Network Fabric

The Network is arguably the most critical component of the IT ecosystem. Network outages or Security incidences can severely impact Business Operations, which is why Wirefire focuses on security and resilience in designing the Network Fabric which connects all things.

Network Security

Network-level security is your business’ first line of defense in ensuring the protection of your assets. Security threats can come from the outside or inside of your network and can be as simple as clicking on a malicious email. A simple firewall on the internet edge is no longer enough, we focus on end to end security architectures including: NGFW, NAC, Endpoint Protection, Hardening of Network Fabric, Web Content Security, Email Security, PKI, IAM, IT to OT to IoT Segmentation.

We specialize and work with the following technologies:

Cisco NGFW, Palo Alto NGFW, Cisco ISE, Fortinet, Cylance, CyberArk, and Microsoft.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

We architect global WANs for multinational companies, utilizing a deep expertise of MPLS, Internet/VPN, SDWAN (software defined WAN), Microwave, Satellite, and Point-to-Point networks.

Our team implements technical designs for dynamic routing, QOS, traffic shaping, WAN acceleration, security, and remote access. We specialize and work with the following WAN technologies.

We specialize and work with the following WAN technologies:

Cisco Viptela, Cisco VPN, Cisco Routers, Riverbed

Local Area Networks (LAN)

In addition to multi-floor office building networks, we design campus-wide networks spanning many kilometres. Our team is proficient across all network layers, including fiber and structured cabling; wired and indoor/outdoor wireless connections; switching and routing; and various network applications for both commercial and industrial environments.

We perform Wireless surveys of your environment to ensure coverage for seamless mobility across your site.

We specialize and work with the following network technologies:

Cisco, Meraki and HP/Aruba for wired and wireless infrastructure, Ekahua and AirMagnet for Wireless Site Surveys

But not just carpeted spaces

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by stepping outside the carpeted office spaces, into more challenging industrial campuses. These environments have unique safety and reliability considerations, which requires a team that can walk the talk.

Off the Grid Locations

Many of our clients are based in remote settings that lack the resources available in urban centres.

We provide the needed solutions in connecting these locations to their company network through a combination of fiber optic, microwave, and satellite utilization. Our partnerships with incumbent telecommunications carriers also enable us to connect the location to an enterprise WAN.

Industrial Networks

Our team has extensive experience in the Industrial sector and understands the unique challenges associated with providing high availability networks in harsh environments. We protect the Industrial Control System (ICS) network from threats inherent in the Internet and corporate networks, while ensuring that the required ICS information is available for running business operations.

Datacenter Network

We provide network backbone design and implementation to support either a centralized or distributed datacenter system, including cloud connectivity.

Our team has a clear understanding of network interconnectivity requirements and various datacenter structures, including on-premise, managed, co-location, and cloud-based frameworks.

Internet Perimeter and DMZ

Our system specifications ensure the security of your business from the Internet while concurrently supporting your E-commerce or Business Partner requirements.

Datacenter Migrations

Whether consolidating datacenters or moving to a cloud platform, our consultants have all overseen countless enterprise migration and upgrade projects, all of which demand extensive planning in order to prevent the possible outages that may halt critical business systems.

Dual Data Center design

Our designs include resiliency across data centers, whether active/active DC’s, DRP backup, or Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Facility Planning

Our team is highly proficient in the structuring of cable designs, complex WAN path planning, power and cooling conditions, rack layouts, and any other planning specification needed to fulfill your unique business’ requirements.

Unified Communications


In our strategies to converge IP Telephony over a Data Network, we consider numerous requirements; is your network configured to support this real-time communication, ease of use for connecting with others, can I be reached on any device, reliability (especially in emergencies) and how cost effective is the solution.


While examining and utilizing the foundational networks required for high bandwidth applications, we devise videoconferencing solutions designed to serve boardroom, desktop, and mobile platforms.


Our web and teleconferencing solutions are integrated as an in-house or cloud-based network, depending on which structure best suits your business.


Through the enabling of Instant Messaging capabilities and Presence information across any device, we help you improve the internal collaboration of your enterprise.

We work with the following technologies:

Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Webex-Spark-Jabber, Cisco Video, Microsoft O365/S4B, and Motorola ROIP Solutions.