Your Business.
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Let us take care of the day to day IT operations, enabling you to focus on your core business and the bigger strategic opportunities.

Our RedOps on-call technical support option is there for when things go sideways and you need help right now, be it 2am or during a company board meeting at 2pm when the conference call system crashes and the CEO is not happy.

We are developing a Virtual Operations Center service (VOC) that will provide you with day to day technical infrastructure support services – monitoring, incident and event management. We support Secure Networks and Unified Communications infrastructure.

RedOps* Technical Support

When you have a critical security or network problem in the middle of the night that is impacting your business operations that your team needs help resolving right now, where do you turn? The Wirefire RedOps team has your back.

Our team of technical security, network and unified communications experts will respond quickly and efficiently to handle the incident and get you back up and running.

You can schedule ahead of time to provide cover for a critical business period when you know you will need support or have it in place ongoing to supplement your internal team with specialized expertise when you need it.

VOC Managed Services

The Wirefire Virtual Operations Center (VOC) managed support service is designed to provide our customers with the right service at the right time to fit your business needs… scale up and down based on your business priorities.

Our VOC approach is scalable to meet your specific requirements.

  • Integrate with your internal ITSM and monitoring systems
  • Provide you with a complete turnkey managed support service with our industry leading ServiceNow and Solarwinds platforms
  • VOCTalk customer interface so you know what is happening in real time